Loving & Hating Samsung Galaxy Note7

While this page is obviously not a tech blog site, I am involving myself with the ruckus of Samsung Galaxy Note7 not because I am  a “techie” person. I just happen to own one of the hottest (literally on some cases) phones of 2016.

Even before its official release, I have been very eager to get this phone. I was so excited and a nearly obsessed (I admit!) that I would search any news or article about it. I would even watch youtube videos everyday just to look at the phone. For a girl like me, physical qualities such as color and design is a major factor in buying a phone. It really looked so good not only on paper that I finally decided to purchase one for myself as soon as its release in my country. Unfortunately for dear me, I got it only after going through three retail shops. It was sold out on the first few days of release!

The bliss that I felt during unboxing my new phone and our getting to know phase came to a painful halt when explosions from other countries were reported. The feeling is comparable to being “friendzoned” by your crush after he found out that you’re stalking him. He/she should be flattered not freaked out, right? It seems that everyday, there were reports of fire, injury, damages and threats of law suit against Samsung. To be honest I was not really thinking of any of it happening to me ever, although I felt a little concerned since it was clearly a safety risk. All of these changed, however, when the official recall was issued.

I was head over heals in love with the Note7 that I felt betrayed and heartbroken by the recall issued by Samsung. In my opinion, recalling means admitting a problem does exist and they failed to detect it before international release. Moreover, it could have been just a small problem but no, it was something that could actually harm people. To clarify, my first unit was perfectly fine (in my eyes at least). Despite my reluctance to exchange it with a most-likely-not-exploding unit, I decided to go ahead to ensure my safety. I felt confident that the recall and exchange would be smooth. But I was disappointed! The recall did not seem to be materializing at all, at first. No details. No assurance. And then, boom! Airlines issuing bans for Note7. At this point, I actually asked myself why I had to rush on buying the phone. If I had waited a few months after its release, I wouldn’t have to experience such ordeal. It was already causing me so much stress that I had to vent my disappointment to Samsung’s official facebook account. (So whoever entertained my complaints that time, I apologize.) Even so, complaining did not provide me any comfort or peace of mind. I did not find any answers but luckily, within a few days, Samsung has finally issued the exchange details. Reluctantly, I went ahead and got a brand new Note7. (Thank heavens!) I have been using to it for a week now, I have no negative comments or experiences so far.

To be honest, it’s not the phone that I hated, it was the turn of events, Samsung’s negligence and their response to protect their consumers’ interests which was kind of slow. It was not easy but it could have been handled better. To be fair, they made a beautiful beast that I could not let go even with the unsettled issues going around. Mind you, I am not a Samsung fan. In fact, I considered getting Iphone 7 plus but it just did not sway or charm me as much as Note7 does. And despite all the vague responses from Samsung, I think I can still trust them after all. I just hope that they won’t let me down again, like seriously, please DO NOT FAIL ME. Do hurry up and clean this mess because I don’t want to be limited or frowned upon by other people because of this phone whether I am at the airport, boarding a plane or in any place around the world. When you own the so-called flagship phone of the year, you should be holding it proudly. Nowadays, even phones can add a layer of confidence to a person. Knowing that it’s top of the line, innovative and a step closer to the future is quite satisfying. I am not saying possessing the latest phone is something to boast about to other people. We have our own tastes and preferences so don’t judge me if we’re different. You like what you like. I like what I like and will continue liking it despite what others say. Simple.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

I loved my first Note7, hated that I had to do a very inconvenient exchange but eventually moved on to loving my replacement unit. I can’t say I will not hate it or Samsung in the future as issues with airlines are not yet resolved. In the meantime, I will be cautious and will  most probably be leaving this phone behind for my short trip to Cambodia as I do not want any problems boarding my flight. (Deep. Long. Sigh.) Setting these matters aside, I still believe Samsung and Note 7 deserves a chance in this game. If not, let’s just move on to Note8!


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