Do you enjoy watching reaction videos on Youtube?

Have you spent time browsing Youtube videos or random channels lately? If your answer is No, will you be interested in watching strangers film themselves while reacting to a certain video? Basically, it’s watching another person watch another video. (Huh? Sorry.) While this form of “entertainment” is obviously not for all, the number of views per uploaded video are saying that many people are actually enjoying it. My only question is why capture your reaction and upload it for public to see and are those reactions even real?

First things first, what are these videos all about? Since the source is already at our fingertips it’s fairly easy to find out. On my limited exploration on Youtube, these are the usual subjects of reactions and their respective sample videos that you may want to check out:

New Song/ Music Video – I noticed that this is by far the most common material probably because everyone can relate to every song and most, if not all, know how to appreciate good music.

Movie Trailer – I am curious, will you watch the actual movie if most reaction videos are negative? Can these be considered bad reviews then?

Song Covers – In my opinion, the main purpose of these videos is to increase exposure of the person doing the cover. Usually songs chosen are already hits on its own and so the possibility of drawing more views are likely high.

Anime/ Cartoon episodes – Surely, these are for the benefit of those with the the same interest: Anime.

Viral Videos – If the subject in the video is already popular, it only means one thing: people like it, you are in.

Funny/ Scary clips


Reaction videos – So, wait. This is like reacting to people’s reactions,right?

In order to add some spice,  Youtubers also use different themes & personalities to provide varied reactions. Some features different age levels/ generations from kids to teenagers to adults and even grandmas and grandpas. It can also feature different groups of people such as a family, group of strangers, friends, foreigners, etc. So why film their reactions? Simple. For views and more views.

After watching a few reaction videos, I can guess that they are drawing views and attention because: First, reactions are usually really funny and entertaining. How else would you maintain your viewership if its boring? Second, some material are too controversial. And third, some viewers seek some form of confirmation from others of the things they like. They wanted to check if there are other people who share the same opinion. In most Youtube channels, viewers actually send their requests to do a reaction. I am guessing, the request was made to see if it will be received well by other people just the way requester did. Obviously, Youtubers will gladly oblige on these requests. More views means increasing popularity,  sponsorship and earnings. And for that, these Youtubers are willing to do anything for views. I don’t see harm on that as long as people are not fooled and reactions are kept genuine. Why genuine? Because that is exactly what they  are expected to provide.

By the way, is there such thing as reaction blogs? Just curious. 🙂


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