Enslaved by the World

I learned that when you’re not an assertive person, you could be enslaved by the world.

  1. Enslaved by one’s self – Limiting the mind and the body to experience new things. Rejecting change in fear of being hurt. Not listening to others’ opinions and criticism.
  2. Enslaved by family/friends – Giving all you got without saving some for self. Relying on parent/peer’s decision instead of their own. Ignoring the chance to taste independence.
  3. Enslaved by lover/ partner – Changing self to oblige other half’s preferences. Spending little  quality time with family and friends. Forgetting and giving up his/her own dreams.
  4. Enslaved by money – Depending happiness on purchasing power. Disregarding common sense, honor, law or norms in search of dollars. Not being contented no matter how much is in his/her pockets. Measuring success and relationships in life by the amounts and figures.
  5. Enslaved by career – Spending long hours at the office and bringing work at home. Neglected other duties in the society and focusing only in the role in the company. Concentrating on meeting targets, deadlines and budget. Refusing to rest until mind and body breaks.
  6. Enslaved by fate. Waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen. Going with the flow of events/ happenings without question or effort to counter the flow.

When you let yourself be enslaved by the world, you will be subject to abuse and self-degradation. You will not see your worth. The pessimist you will always rely on others for love and attention. You will be alone weeping for you have failed to value yourself first before others. Peace of mind and happiness will seem so elusive that you will forget the last time you laughed so loud and hard with tears coming out of your eyes. You will loose yourself. Everything you built will fade until you free yourself from whatever is keeping you from moving on happily. Everything will have no meaning if you don’t change.


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