It Takes Just One Mistake 

I have been in my job for over 3 years now. I entered the company with very limited idea as to what the position offered requires from me. (I know that’s insane. I have my reasons.) I was at a loss in the beginning. But not even once did I show disinterest on learning and try to act like I know everything. Despite that, I could say that I really learned fast, turned out very adaptive and resourceful.

I believe my superior knows my capabilities and work ethics. The Management has also expressed satisfaction on my work and encourages me to continue with my good performance. I am always focused on getting the job done the quickest way possible. People may see me taking things easily most of the time because I know how to manage my job and always finish before deadline. Most the time, I will be the last one to come in the morning (not that I am late) and first to leave in afternoon. Aside from that, my attendance is almost perfect. But don’t get me wrong, I am not proclaiming myself as a perfect employee. Although, I know I’m a lot better than others in terms of initiative and efficiency. I commit mistakes. I feel that making mistakes are natural. Doing the same mistake, however, is not. My view is that people learn quickly by experience and anything that has not worked the first time should be taken to heart, studied well and avoided (at all costs) repeating in the future. This is my personal rule: One word is enough for a wise man. It’s the same as an error or mistake. Strike one – learning experience. Strike two – be more careful and check and double check again and again until you’re satisfied that all is in order this time around.

So speaking of mistakes, I recently committed a mistake and my Boss got angry. Suddenly, all staff know what happened and start blaming me. The specific job was a first for me, I was still trying to study it. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience I made an error that I am not proud of. I expected my Boss to be a bit considerate. But,I guess, Bosses are not obliged to do so. And I can’t complain. Currently, I am dealing with this matter and taking responsibility as I should.

While, making mistakes are natural, we should not make it as an excuse everytime something goes wrong. What’s important is how we make it right. We can’t always expect people to be patient and forgiving on our mistakes. Sometimes, we only have one shot to make it right.



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