Goodbye, Samsung Galaxy Note7

If my Note7 is a person, I would say this to her : Dear Note7, I know you wanted to tell me that you are not like the others. No overheating issues. No lags. That your performance has been superb from the day you came to life in my hands. That you and your suicidal sisters or brothers are … Continue reading Goodbye, Samsung Galaxy Note7


Do you enjoy watching reaction videos on Youtube?

Have you spent time browsing Youtube videos or random channels lately? If your answer is No, will you be interested in watching strangers film themselves while reacting to a certain video? Basically, it's watching another person watch another video. (Huh? Sorry.) While this form of "entertainment" is obviously not for all, the number of views per uploaded video are saying that many people … Continue reading Do you enjoy watching reaction videos on Youtube?

Loving & Hating Samsung Galaxy Note7

While this page is obviously not a tech blog site, I am involving myself with the ruckus of Samsung Galaxy Note7 not because I am  a "techie" person. I just happen to own one of the hottest (literally on some cases) phones of 2016. Even before its official release, I have been very eager to get this phone. I … Continue reading Loving & Hating Samsung Galaxy Note7